Electroplated CBN tools

We produce electroplated tools having various forms and dimensions. From blank to recoating as among others:

Dressing and grinding tools

Types: All dimensions according to customers' requiremen

The advantages of CBN-graining (cubic crystalline boron nitride):


Compared to diamond it remains hard and durable even under high temperature <1000°

Even diamond can be ground if influenced by heat

Less warming during grinding process

Can be used without coolants and lubricants

Areas of application


Tempered high speed steel (HSS)

High-alloy tool steel min. HRC 55

Case-hardened steel, inductive heated steel

Iron-based powder-coatings

Chilled cast iron

Soft steel grades for special applications e.g.: springs

Nickel-based superalloys



Porfilschleifscheibe, galvanisch belegt DIamant CBN Bornitrid Werkzeuggalvanisch belegter Profilschleifkörper Diamant CBN Diamant CBN Bornitrid Schleifscheibe Werkzeug Gussbearbeitung Diamant CBN Bornitrid Schleifscheibe Werkzeug Federendbearbeitung Porfilschleifscheibe, galvanisch belegt DIamant CBN Bornitrid Werkzeug

Cut-off wheels

Types: continous cutting rim, toothed / dimensions according to customers' requirements

As our cut-off wheels are suitable for cutting various materials they are very much appreciated as all-rounders by professional and do-it-yourself users.


Trennscheiben galvanisch Diamant Werkzeug CBN Bornitird

Carbon diamond grinding-pins

Types: all dimensions according to customer's requirements. We will be pleased to assist you.


Advantages of a carbon diamond grinding-pin:

High stability and rigidity

Low weight and low mass interia

Low thermal expansion

Long tool life

Good damping features

Higher cost-effectiveness

Carbon Diamant Schleifstift galvanisch belegt DIamant CBN Bornitrid Werkzeug

Grinding wheels

Types: Full and partial graining / dimensions according to customer's requirements

High-quality grinding wheels ensure high surface quality because of their high concentricity. In addition, our grinding wheels are of very good wear resistance.

Area of application: castings e.g.


Gussschleifscheibe, galvanisch belegt Diamant CBN Bornitrid WerkzeugGussschleifscheibe, galvanisch belegt Diamant CBN Bornitrid Werkzeug

Grinding rolls and transport rollers

The right tool for your special requirement.


Walze Diamant galvanisch belegt CBN Bornitrid

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